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Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Basics

Give kitchen cabinets a facelift at a fraction of the cost of new.

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  • Build a Storage Pantry
  • Plan a Kitchen Remodel
  • How to Select an Oven
  • Make a Decorative Spice Rack
  • Kitchen Remodeling

    Cost-Cutting Kitchen Remodeling

    Join those that enjoy the challenge of finding inexpensive materials and using them in innovative ways.

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  • Lighting in a Kitchen

    Install Recessed Lighting in a Kitchen

    The Fixrus experts provide a clever solution for lighting in the kitchen.

    Electric water heaters also take longer to bring up the temperature of cold water than do gas-powered water heaters, according to, natural gas is significantly less expensive on an annual basis than both propane gas and electricity for the purpose of powering water heaters. If you already have gas lines it may be financially beneficial to run a gas line to the water heater. Residents in rural locations not having natural gas lines may opt to use propane for heating water as it is usually less expensive than electricity.

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